Learn languages

“I wish I could speak this language better.”
“I wish I understood what they said.”
“I wish I could talk this language good enough to live there.”

I hear all those sentences. Why do they ask that? Because languages are more than just a skill. It’s an awesome skill. With every popular language learned you can communicate with more people on this world. Languages help you while travelling, for your job and to brighten your horizon. But I just hear those senteces, I don’t see too much effort. People think it must be easy to learn a language or it’s not the time worth.
But most languages are harder than English, harder than Morse code. At least as I think.

People don’t want to do this effort, they are too lazy with social medias and other stupid things.

Learn languages, do something, get your mind up to those things. You won’t regret it. And put your full effort in it.

Hello world

As it was with the internet, the first thing is always called “hello world”, as a sign of appereance to the internet. With this first post I was to check out the blog feature for sure, but aswell welcome you to my website.

My name is Noel and I’m the host of this website. I hope you really enjoy this website. Take a look around and maybe you’ll find yourself reading some of the interesting following posts.

Have fun